Warranty begins from the date of delivery or pickup. Warranty is void under physical/abuse (280lb weight limit) or liquid damage. Damage to material (scratches, rips/tears or stitching) are considered wear/tear and will not be included in the warranty. Fuse(s)/Batteries are not included in the warranty. Sounds/noises are not part of the warranty (inspection visits will be additional cost, only available in certain areas). Shipping cost for part(s) will be the customer's responsibility, defective part(s) must be returned within 90 days after receiving the new part(s). Commercial use of product will convert the warranty to a "1 Year Parts Only Warranty" from the date of delivery or pickup (some commercial uses will have "no warranty", please call 1-877-587-4998 to discuss). Any modification done to the chair will void the warranty. Warranty is non-transferable. Warranty is void outside of Canada.

Thank you for your interest in discovering the wonders and benefits of our products; We promise that they will bring you the relaxation and wellness you have been looking for.